Fuschia Bespoke Design Service

Here at Fuschia we often get asked; "What did you do for our own weddings, and how can we make our wedding or event different and unique?"

The answer is, the Fuschia Bespoke Design Service. This is where you sit down and work along side our team of designers and we will design your stationery and favours to your exact requirements. The results are a unique, one off and very personal set of products.

So, with this in mind, we thought we would let you go behind the scenes and show you what we created for our own celebrations...

CLIENT: Creative Director Fuschia, Nicola Newman's & Robbie Briginshaw's Wedding Stationery & Favours

DATE: 27th May 2006

THEME: Contemporary, Bright

COLOUR PALETTE: Orange, Pink with a hint of Lime Green

THE BRIEF: Nicola & Robbie wanted something modern and colourful. The inspiration around the theme was watches, this was something both Nicola and her Dad liked. To make the stationery different and have the wow factor, we designed the invitations to be sent out in the style of a gift bag with ribbon, instead of an envelope. By using the watch design inspired by Swatch Watches, the element of time and how precious it is, was captured in this contemporay and stunning collection wedding stationery.

Guests were given favours in shotglasses with matching ribbon and feathers. The ladies had pink and orange floral tealights while the men had orange smarties. Jacqueline managed to get a bepoke run of orange smarties straight from the Nestle factory! We still don't know how she managed to pull that off!