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The Brights

This trend is really not for the faint hearted! Mix bright colours together to create a big impact. Fuschia pink, tangerine, canary yellow and lime green are key players in this colour palette.

If you are scared of using a lot of colour you may just want to opt for one colour on its own. If you are feeling daring then why not mix two or a selection of colours together.

If you are wanting to use a mix of colours, a great way of incorporating this into your event isto use bright coloured products.  Chair sashes, stationery, napkins, favours, runners and balloons adds that splash of colour to your wedding or celebration.

If you are planning a wedding abroad some where hot or having a party to celebrate getting married abroad, this would be a great way to incorporate the tropical feel into your celebration!

If you are wanting favours and looking for an alternative to chocolate - so they won't melt!  Then our candy jars are great for a bright coloured tropical wedding.  Not only are they easy to pack, just simply wrap in some bubble wrap, they look great on the tables and of course taste yummy all for just £2.99 per jar!

We also offer the option to personalise with your name, celebration and date of your event.
use bright & bold colours, create the wow factor with coloured chair bow sashes!
our wedding & celebration stationery can be created in any colour, dont be afraid to go bright...

ethnic trends in bright colours & paisly prints are very on trend this year!
great for parties & weddings, young & old has a moroccan and Indian feel! Add brightly coloured favours & accessories to achieve this look...