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Back to Nature

A new trend, which started to emerge a few years ago was the bird and owl design for wedding stationery and favours.

There are many different styles and ways this look has been interpreted. It is a really fun and colourful theme, which has a simplistic, and child like feel.

This theme works well for woodland style wedding with more natural colours used.
owl and bird motifs used in wedding stationery designs…
pastel & bright colours work together!

use birdcages as centre pieces to bring this theme together…
Natural colours can help create a woodland theme...
"I can hear them tweeting again
The early morning wake up call"

"There funny faces make me smile
They are a joy to watch
I like to see them fly away
It’s a lovely to start to my day!"

"Owls heads move around and around
Surely it can’t be true?
If you don’t believe it
read a birdie book
or take a visit to the zoo!"