Charles (Chas) Newman 1953-2004
“For being such an amazing inspiration to everyone”


Up Above

Written by Nicola Clarke May 2004

Up above in the sky so high
Their your Dad, waving us goodbye
For off on his journey now he will go
With all his family and friends close in tow

The angels will look after the greatest Dad
With his wife and daughters, do not be sad
For he will look after and always love you
He will still be there in whatever you may do

Your Dad will be safe with the stars in the sky
So wish on his star as the nights go by
We can see wherever we are
Twinkling so bright...he'll never be far

When the days seem so long and you feel real sad
Smile and think of the good times you had
You'll always be together, close in your heart
The real love in you will never be apart!