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Diwali - Festival of Light

Creative Director of Fuschia, Nicola was fortunate to celebrate Diwali in India, a couple of years ago in the city of Jaipur. Japiur is called the Pink City, so very apt!

"My husband and I spent the day shopping in the colourful markets, we were given the most beautiful handmade marigold garland made from real flowers. The streets were packed with local stall holders selling their wares, ready for the Diwali Celebrations.

I bought fabrics, gemstone embellishments, a Sari, jewellery and hand painted tea light holders to bring home; a special keepsake to remember this very magical experience. As a lover of stationery, I tracked down a paper / stationery shop called Kagzi in the Tripolia Bazar. I bought handmade papers and envelopes and was given a metal Ganesh keyring. The shop owner said it was a Diwali gift to me. I have it on my desk in the studio and it is one of my most treasured possessions and my lucky charm.

Diwali is a very busy time, with thousands and thousands of people descending to Jaipur to celebrate. The streets are cram packed with people, so we decided to view the celebrations in the comfort of a guided tour, by a local driver who showed us the most colourful sights. We continued the celebrations back at our hotel in Japiur with Indian cocktails, a beautiful dinner in the grounds of the hotel, and a stunning fire works display with hand held sparklers.

It was always a dream to travel around India, but to be there for Diwali, it really was a time in my life I will never forget and have incredible memories."

As a company specialising in Weddings and Celebrations, we have created stationery and favours for Weddings and Mehndi parties for over fifteen years. We also designed and sold Diwali and Eid cards at Melas and Asian Events all over the UK.

Our new Fuschia Gift Boutique has only had its soft launch this weekend, which has come about since re-entering the retail space, two years ago for Greeting Cards, Decorations and Gifts. We knew we wouldn't be in time for the run up to Diwali to relaunch our festival cards and gifts, so you will have to wait until next year. We promise it will be worth the wait!

But here are some photos for now...

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