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Shop Independent on Holiday

We have always loved supporting independent business and our trip to Goa was no exception.

These lovely ladies were Beach Hawkers. The beach was part of the Leela Hotel, which was the most beautiful and tranquil piece of heaven.

I remember getting out of the taxi from the airport and instantly feeling a sense of calm on arrival.

The Hawkers were not allowed to approach you, they could only engage if you spoke to them first. There was a line across the beach which they couldn’t cross and the hotel security was always located close by.

I went and spoke to them and we had a good chat. I even bought some items from them. The next day they saw me and waved so I went and saw them, the security came over to check everything was okay and I said yes everything was good.

We spoke about my background in design and they invited me to their shop on the beach they had made - I LOVED IT !! I informed security what I was doing and they said it was at my own risk which I said was fine.

I was leaving the following day and gave them some magazines and toiletries etc which they were over the moon with as you can see! They even painted their nails pink!

When I wear the accessories I bought I always smile and think of my time with them.💓

So, however small or wherever you are in the world - always try and shop local. Not only will you be helping a business you may just make a special memory.


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