Creative Mess


For customers looking for something completely unique and personal, our bespoke design service is most definitely for you. 

Fuschia allows you the opportunity to work exclusively on a one to one basis with our designers so you are able to participate in assisting the designer with the look you would

like for your products and event.

Maybe you are planning a Wedding, a Birthday Party, a Baby Shower or a Corporate Event and you would like a specific theme or something in keeping with your companies branding.

The fantastic thing about using the Fuschia Bespoke design service is not only do you get exactly what you are looking for; it will be totally different and special to you.

It maybe that you would like to use the basis of one of Fuschia's existing products, but need the decoration, colour or details to be more in keeping with your chosen colour scheme or theme.


Alternatively we may need to start from scratch and design and make to your specific requirements, either way we can achieve what you are looking for.

Contact us to discuss your requirements on 07712 650 750 or email