Green Plant



As a design company we are in a prime position to make a really positive impact on the environment.

It is more important more than ever to communicate our brand values,

and how we develop our business by caring for the environment. 


There is a difficulty to some extent, when a huge part of our business is stationery!  

Stationery items are delicate and need to be protected so they do not get damaged.


So with this in mind, we are now running down all our packaging materials and investing in clear

 Bio-degradable plastic cello bags from corn and potato starch.


Card stock and envelopes will be from recycled materials where possible. 

Our in house products are designed and manufactured in England and as local as possible

to our home town in Reading Berkshire.


For sourcing materials and new products we try to buy British where at all possible,

with just a small number of international suppliers.  This reduces air miles and supports small and

independent businesses like ourselves.


When designing new products we look for gaps in the market, current trends, aesthetic appeal

and if the product can be multi functional, as well as sustainable.