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Festival Life

Events are probably our most favourite thing to do. From attending a pop up to support independent businesses to a village fete, a garden show, museum or exhibition to a music festival we love them all!

It’s great to support events as you meet so many different people and businesses (see pic with our new flower friends). At the weekend we were at The Henley Festival and it is our favourite event to attend. It has a bit of everything from picnics on the lawn before you go into the festival, bands playing on the riverside with pop up food and drink tents and carts, and that’s before the live act starts! We always make time to view the art gallery with some amazing artwork, and this area of the festival has really developed over the years.

The live act is on a floating stage with boats going past on the Thames, it really is spectacular. If you like to write a bucket or wish list, you really need to make The Henley Festival one for it!


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